New Art: Alice

Alice, Done in PhotoShop
Sorry I could not post it. Blogger doesn't like tiffs. 
Also the preview's colors are off. If you want the true colors please click on the link.

Alis by ~MLMorris on deviantART


Some W.I.P.s

Okay, it has been quite a while sense I last posted any thing. I plan to change that. I want to try to do this at least once a week.

These are a few Things I've been working. Not quite done but getting there.

This a portrait of a friend if mine. I hope she doesn't mind.

This is more of an color experiment. Just seeing how adding the compliment to it looks. Looks more like a colored pencil painting than any thing.

Its an azalea.

I really Don't know if I'll finish this.

 I really like this one.

A digital master copy.