Caffeinated Spider

This is mostly an experiment with light and color. It's not the best coloring job ever, but I got something from the experience.
I hope you enjoy it.

Something We Forget

This is inspired from all the rubbish I see on Face Book and other such sights. We as Christians, I do the same, tend to hate and mock those who are against us instead of loving them. I think it's time to change.


Coffee Tank

Coffee Tank; a mobile coffee shop.

This a concept for a story I am working on. It is a mobile coffee shop. This one is a family owned tank. This model is one of the oldest. The family that started it are one of the pioneers of this business. Started by grandpa Jose and currently being ran by his son Jose Jr. My story starts with the first day on the job for the future owner Jose the Third.
And for all those who might ask, no the coffee is not exposed to the out side. It is sealed so nothing or no one may get into it. Also, the motor is what keeps the coffee hot. The coffee also acts as a coolant for the motor as well.
It is such a big world were these things are. I am still learning more and more about them and the people who operate them. I can not wait to see what I will find out next.

I hope you enjoy the art. Thanks for looking.


J.J. & Some Sketches

                                An idea for a family tree, the family crest and royal garb.
                                                   Flying pigs.
                                     book cove thumb nails
These are for JJ.

These are for ... fun.