A Birthday Gift

Apprentice and Wizard
Last week was my birth day and my friend Sarah Prelgovisk gave me a this drawing. I scanned it, inked it and colored it. Love this. God has been showing me a lot lately that I've been doing what he has called me to do, which is to help and up lift others with my life and my art.


This week was a bit sketchy

The first four are illustrations for a book I'm doing for a friend.
"Why is the Coffee always gone?" The life of an artist has its difficulties at times. Like running out of coffee.  


Coffee Crab

This is the RedPot Cafe. It travels up and down the coast going to beach town to beach town all year, moving as the seasons change. One can find the RedPot in the north during the summer and the south during the winter. It doesn't move as often as other mobile coffee shops but when it travels it goes further than any other, at most 200mi. In its claws are a cafe and a grill. the cafe has 3 plasma flat screens and seats up to 10. The grill is staffed by 5 cooks who serve close to 1000 people a day.


A Couple of W.I.P.s

Once again the mighty steed Ducky Wucky.

Being torn down by the voices in your head that tell you your useless, no good and a looser.