Coffee Turtle

"Ao Cafe", named after the giant sea turtle in Chinese myth.
According to legend, Ao (Chinese: ; pinyin: Áo) was a large marine turtle or tortoise who lived in the South China Sea during the time of the formation of the world by the goddess Nüwa, creator of mankind. When Nüwa was repairing the sky she chopped off Ao’s four legs and used them as supports.
Another myth claims that Ao lived in the Bohai Sea and carried Mount Penglai (蓬莱山), Mount Fangzhang (方丈山) and Mount Yingzhou (瀛洲山) (three of the five Mountains of the Eight Immortals) on his back.[1]

Mr. Loc used the name Ao as a symbol of international Coffees and teas that he sells. Mr. Loc is the owner of "Ao Cafe".

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